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Health, Safety, Environment, Security Policy Statement

It is the policy of PATONACII LIMITED to conduct its operations in a safe manner, to ensure good health of its personnel, secured environment and be sensitive to the needs and concerns of the communities around its area of operation.

PATONACII LIMITED runs its operations and is managed in such a way as to achieve the following:

  • Preserve the health, safety and security of the employees and members of the public who may be affected by the operations of PATONACII LIMITED.
  • Preserve or minimize the impact of its operation on the environment.
  • Secure company and Clients’ Assets.
  • Be sensitive to the needs and concerns of the communities around the operational area of PATONACII LIMITED
  • Every job can be done safely. No activity shall be carried out unless considered safe.
  • HSE is recognized by all staff as a line responsibility
  • PATONACII LIMITED employees and subcontractors must plan and perform their work in accordance with this policy. Any job that cannot be done in accordance with this policy must not commence or continued.

It is the policy of PATONACII LIMITED to plan and execute its activities in such a way that the health of her employees, those of her subcontractor and of any member of the public will be:

Protected against health hazards arising from PATONACII LIMITED  operations;

  • Promoted through dedicated health programs;
  • Improved through a systematic critical analysis of the quality of medical care
  •  Health standards and requirements for both PATONACII LIMITED and Subcontractors’ will be the same in all operations.
  • In implementing this policy PATONACII LIMITED aims to reduce and/or eliminate work-related stress, illnesses and ailments, together with a reduction to acceptable levels of exposure for PATONACII LIMITED and Subcontractor staff to substances and agents hazardous to health.
  • All personnel (company and subcontractors staff) to be engaged in company operations must be certified medically fit before employment and annually.
  • The company shall promote good health by preventing occupational illness or injuries.

It is the policy of PATONACII LIMITED to manage security affairs as an integral part of its HSE Program and company’s business so as to minimize the number of security related incidents for staff, Clients and third party personnel involved in her operations.

 To ensure the implementation of this policy, the company shall;

  • Engage adequate number of trained security personnel in her area of operation.
  • Engage a Security Supervisor at management level who will organize, co-ordinate and implement all the company’s security ideals and programs.
  • All security incidents will be properly reported to CLIENT and law enforcement agent (where necessary).
  • Local security men to protect equipment and facilities at work sites in a bid to forge good rapport between the company and host community.
  • Provide work gadgets such as walkie-talkie, torches, uniforms etc to enhance their services.
  • Review all security incidents in site/management HSE meetings.
  • Security matters shall form part of site/base HSE and toolbox meetings. Security training shall be conducted for increased security awareness.
  • The security supervisor shall be the focal point and shall act in concert with relevant departments in the realization of set security objectives and targets.

It is the policy of PATONACII LIMITED to promote, protect and preserve the environment within its operation. Therefore employees are expected to perform their duties in an environmental friendly manner.

To achieve this;

  • Staff are encouraged to ensure that their operations do not have any adverse effect on the air, water, soil, plant and animals within their work environment or those of our contractors.
  • All wastes generated when executing projects are collected, segregated, treated and disposed off in such a way as not to have impact on the environment.
  • The audit team will conduct regular environmental/waste management audit.
  • Daily clean-up will be conducted remove all debris to prevent injuries to lives and preserve the order of the habitat.
  • At the completion of any activity, our ultimate goal is to leave the environment in a tidy and acceptable state.

Quality Assurance Policy

 The Policy Of PATONACII LIMITED Is To Comply With All The Requirements Of Planning, Construction And The Quality System, And The Implementation Of Quality Objectives.

Therefore, To Achieve These Goals, The Management Of PATONACII LIMITED Is Totally Committed To The Communication And Implementation Of The Quality Management Of The Company And To Meet The Quality Requirements Of The Client.

Quality Assurance Objectives

  • Total Commitment to Quality by All Employees of the Company
  • Operation of A Quality Policy That Is Easily Understood By All
  • Control Of All Activities And Processes Affecting Quality
  • Aim To Reduce, Eliminate And Finally Prevent Quality Deficiencies
  • To Appoint A Person To Be Responsible For The Achievement And Control Of Quality Within The Company
  • To Mobilize Qualified and Experience Quality Control Inspectors to Ascertain Complete Compliance to Job Specifications and Standards
  • To Educate All Staff of the Company on Quality Assurance Policy and Their Individual Responsibilities for Its Implementation.