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About Patonacii Limited

PATONACII LIMITED is an indigenous company incorporated 2001 in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with registration Number – RC: 411478 to provide Engineering Construction and Procurement Services; Fabrication and Equipment Leasing Services; as well as Specialized Manpower / Labor Supply and Project Management Services to the Oil and gas industry.

We also provide maintenance and production improvement services such as flowline / pipeline repairs and Oil & Gas Production Facility upgrade.

The company is built on a diversified and flexible structure. Our Capabilities encompasses a wide range of work environment ranging from land, swamp and offshore locations.

PATONACII LTD is dedicated to Total Quality Management. The importance of quality control/Quality Assurance as well as Safety Management constitutes the central theme of the company’s operations.

Our unique selling point is our ability to harness available local resources to provide quality Engineering Construction service in the safest possible manner with minimal impact on the environment.

Since the inception of PATONACII LIMITED, the company holds above all, the passion to provide satisfactory and quality services even above our clients’ expectations and set standards.

Our drive created the determination to start a world class company with all applicable standards and quality control in place, and highly skilled professionals to execute the much required services.

We strive to be a leading company within our area of Construction and Infrastructural/Facility Development, with the input of our highly qualified technical team. We are strongly backed up by internationally recognized companies pro-active to our client’s challenges.

Our Clients

Here at PATONACII, we program our Services to suit our client’s need and boost our corporate image, service and excellence. PATONACII LIMITED believes in corporate adherence to assignment and agreements. We believe in mutual relationship and can assure you of proper and early project completion.

Below are some of our Clients:

  • Exxon-Mobil Nigeria Unlimited
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company
  • Nestoil Plc, Port Harcourt
  • Wastecare Limited
  • Income Electrix Limited, Port Harcourt
  • OPI International Nigeria Ltd
  • Petra Services Ltd, Port Harcourt.